OnlineBOTS 5on5 Hub is a free, Estonian speaking, competitive CS:GO community. Its main goal is to push the Estonian scene with providing a monetary and gaming gear prize pool in hopes of developing Estonian players.

Who can join the hub and how?
Hub is open to any Estonian player who has reached level 10 in Faceit.

Is it free?
Yes, the hub is and will always be free.

How much is the prize pool?
Each month has a guaranteed prize pool of 600€. Additional prizes or raffles may be announced during the month.
What are hub seasons?
Our hub is divided into four 1-week long seasons. Prize pool is distributed equally between all seasons.

Where can I leave feedback to hub owners?
At the end of each month a Google form will be sent out to all the players where you can leave feedback etc.

Discord link

Faceit Hub link