Due to lack of activity in Main and Entry Divisions we merged the two hubs back into one.

A month ago we changed the hub format and we created two separate hubs - Main and Entry division. It was pushed by the requirements of the FPL Qualifier slot, where it was stated that only a closed invite-only hub can have this as a prize to the monthly winner.

It turned out to be a failure, since there weren't many active players in the closed hub. We realized this is not the way we want to proceed with our hubs and decided to revert the changes back and continue the way we started from January.

Since 1st of March, the Main Division has closed its doors and Entry Division was rebranded into OnlineBOTS 5on5 Hub which is available for all Estonian players who have reached level 10 on Faceit. The 600€ prize pool will be transfered to this 5on5 hub.

This change of course means that we will lose the FPL Qualifier slot, but its a sacrifice that had to be taken in order to improve the situation.

We want to thank all our community members for helping us and staying active in the hub.