Starting from February the OnlineBOTS 5on5 Hub will be split into two - Main Division and Entry Division.

This change comes from Faceit requirements where a hub with FPL Qualifier slot must be invite-only. This gave us some good leverage to make a change that has been requested by several good players and was in the back of our minds.

Hubs will be split into two: Main Division and Entry Division. Around 100 players are invited to the Main Division and current existing hub will be converted into Entry Division which will be opened to all Estonian players from level 6 to 10.

The current prize pool and season layout will be moved over to Main Division, however the Entry Division will see some changes as well. There will be TWO seasons, each being two weeks long. Winner of each Entry Division season will recieve gaming gear and an invite to Main Division. Main Division will still have four weekly seasons.

While the rules for Main Division remain unchanged, joining our Discord and using this as the only communication channel will be made MANDATORY for Entry Division.

We will also create Google Docs report forms for each division and you will be able to find them in the pinned messages of the hubs or on Discord.

If you wish to support us and become a volunteer in moderating the Entry Division, then send us an email to info@onlinebots.org or write us on Facebook or Twitter.

Prize pool and seasons of Entry Division by Reset.ee
01.02.2019 - 14.02.2019
First place: Main Division invite + Razer Deathadder Elite
15.02.2019 - 28.02.2019
First place: Main Division invite + Razer Kraken Pro V2 Oval

Every season starts at 15:00 and ends at 23:55.

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