Starting today the winner of our hubs monthly season will have a slot in the FPL Qualifier.

FPL Qualifier is the last step for all qualifying players in order to reach the Faceit Pro League and ever since we kickstarted OnlineBOTS it has been our goal to provide an FPL Qualifier slot for our players. Today we can happily say that we have reached our goal.

Faceit Pro League is the highest tiered league in Faceit and a lot of players who strive to become a professional player are considering qualifying into FPL a big breakthrough.

We want our hub to be a gateway to all Estonian players in becoming a professional player and we think that this is a huge opportunity for the Estonian scene.

This change has been implemented today, so the first FPL Qualifier slot in our hub will be handed out to the winner of January.

We want to thank the FaceIT team for being so generous and helping out our community!